Table of Contents

ISBN 9781032248783

April 28, 2022 by Routledge

338 Pages

Godfrey Baldacchino 
Introduction: Island tourism resilience 
Michelle McLeod, Rachel Dodds and Richard Butler 
1. Globalisation and cultural change in Pacific Island countries: the role of tourism 
Denis Tolkach and Stephen Pratt 
2. Critiques of island sustainability in tourism 
Ilan Kelman 
3. Contributions to sustainable tourism in small islands: an analysis of the Cittàslow movement 
Therez B. Walker and Timothy J. Lee 
4. Modelling tourism resilience in small island states: a tale of two countries 
Prosper F. Bangwayo-Skeete and Ryan W. Skeete 
5. Social-ecological resilience and community-based tourism in the commonwealth of Dominica 
Kristin Weis, Catherine Chambers and Patrick J. Holladay 
6. Economic and social resilience accounts for the recovery of Ibiza’s tourism sector 
Joan Carles Cirer-Costa 
7. Brexit – threat or opportunity? Resilience and tourism in Britain’s Island Territories 
Maria Amoamo 
8. Immigrant entrepreneur knowledge in the tourism industry of island destinations 
Pedro Calero-Lemes and Desiderio Juan García-Almeida 
9. Cultivating the Chinese market through destination loyalty: enhancing resilience in the Maldives 
David Weaver, Chuanzhong Tang, Laura Lawton and Yang Liu 
10. Tourists really do behave responsibly toward the environment in Camiguin Province, Philippines 
Mary Stephanie E. King-Chan, Robert Charles G. Capistrano and Emma Lina F. Lopez 
11. Community meaning making for tourism sustainability on Madura Island, Indonesia 
Tamara Young, Dian Yulie Reindrawati, Patricia Johnson and Kevin Lyons 
12. The integrated touristic villages: an Indonesian model of sustainable tourism? 
Sylvine Pickel-Chevalier, I Komang Gde Bendesa and I Nyoman Darma Putra 
13. Resilience and Non-Linear Change in Island Tourism 
Amran Hamzah and Mark P. Hampton 
Richard Butler, Michelle McLeod and Rachel Dodds 
Anthony Clayton